The RiverWoods Group Family Working Together

United in the Fight to Stay Safe

In the early days of the pandemic, our communities, along with the rest of the world, faced dire shortages of personal protective equipment.

Our residents came together and set to work, over 100+ volunteers sewing for hours at a time, days on end, with smiles and goodwill, and set about crafting masks and full coverage gowns. In the first days, using up their own stores of fabric, and later, creatively using waterproof and washable shower curtains as other materials were able to be sourced.


Residents celebrating the personal protective equipment they created

In the end, our residents created over 5,500 cloth masks and over 500 gowns, enough for every resident and staff member to have the personal protective equipment required on a daily basis.

Just one example, among many, of how our family of communities is working together to keep each other safe. If you are interested in sewing your own masks, take a look at this tutorial! For more information about the safety requirements and current precautions on our campus, please visit our COVID-19 Updates page. 


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