10:30 – 1:00

A free informative seminar

Singing Therapy for Vocal Stamina

A program designed for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and COPD: Medical studies have linked the benefits of singing to vocal stamina. By learning to use techniques professional singers employ, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your speaking voice. Many singing techniques transfer to the speaking voice and help with a variety of voice dysfunctions.

Guest Speaker: Angelynne Hinson, Singing Therapy Specialist Angelynne has more than 20 yrs. experience in private voice instruction for all ages and abilities and more than a decade’s experience in arts education and curriculum development for numerous group voice programs. She has done advanced coursework in Vocal Pedagogy and Voice Disorders (UNH), Vocal Physiology and Anatomy (Mass. General Hospital) and Functional Voice Training (Lichtenberg Institute of Germany). She has designed individual rehabilitative programs for voice dysfunctions brought on by stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, reduced lung function and capacity, and vocal tract surgery. Most recently she was a featured presenter for the semi-annual Parkinson’s conference sponsored by the Hitchcock Foundation and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Space is Limited.

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