10:30 – 1:00

Walking Health is Paramount in Parkinson’s Disease

Walking difficulty has been identified as a primary concern of people with Parkinson’s disease and is a known predictor of changes to quality of life. In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits of exercise and other innovative approaches around dealing with the difficulty of walking when you have Parkinson’s Disease.

Guest Speaker: Tami DeAngelis, Senior Physical Therapist

Tami DeAngelis is a senior physical therapist at the Center for Neurorehabilitation, where, since 2006, she has been providing clinical care and participating in research and educational activities to persons with Parkinson disease and related movement disorders. Dr. DeAngelis oversees day to day clinic operations and supervises clinicians and students involved in both clinical and research programs within the Center. Dr. DeAngelis is also the Coordinator for the American Parkinson Disease Association National Rehabilitation Resource Center at BU where she provides information and resources on exercise and rehabilitation to patients, families and health care providers around the country.

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