Not Being Afraid to Fail

My first 6 weeks are in the books at RiverWoods Durham. It seems like each day goes by slow, but looking back, this may have been the fastest month of my life. It has been a great experience learning the ropes, but now that I have come this far, I feel as if I know the answers to all my questions. I have turned the corner from being the new kid on the block trying to learn to truly feeling like part of the team. I am being given more responsibility whether it is answering the phone, entering data into Salesforce, or any other task that can get us ahead of the game.

In this internship, I have learned two major things. The first thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay to fail. Failing is part of the job. If you don’t fail in your first month of working somewhere, it is not a challenge for you. It is simply not worth it. Failing is the only real way to learn and get better. The other thing I learned about is how important organization is. Anything that gets done must be written down and logged. You may not realize at the time, but if you receive one call and write it down on a notepad, before you know it, 10 more calls have come in and you completely forget where your head was at when you took call number 1. You can never be too organized.

Lately, I have been able to really get into the social media aspect of the internship. At each event, I have been snapping pictures left and right to try to get good shots of not only the residents, but different aspects of the event itself. The pictures of residents have been crucial for Facebook and Instagram posts because they help demonstrate that RiverWoods Durham is becoming a reality, as opposed to just an idea.

Social media is becoming an important part of every organization. In this day in age, social media accounts are how the average customer views any organization. Customers can be easily exposed to social media, and this is why it is crucial for me to gain as much publicity as possible. To start, I went onto the new Instagram account and followed everybody that the RiverWoods Exeter account followed. This is an easy way to gain exposure in the early stages of social media. I also took pictures of the flower arrangements that we have had on display during the events, and tagged these companies in the pictures that I posted online. Tagging others in posts let their friends see the posts, as well as giving exposure to both parties involved. I have been able to create polls on our Facebook page, as well as upload videos to our YouTube channel. Anything that we can accomplish to connect with our community is of the utmost importance to our team here at RiverWoods Durham.

The last day to sign up for Founder’s Club is quickly approaching. As sad as it is that these events are coming to an end, this is just the start of something greater. We were able to get awesome RiverWoods Durham stamps that we are putting on all of our invitations to the upcoming Founder’s Club events. Nobody enjoys hand-assembling 600 invitation envelopes, but we want only the best for each and every Founder’s Club member!



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