We are ringing in the new year at RiverWoods Durham (RWD)

In January, we started our conversion appointments and have been extremely busy ever since.
Every day I welcome individuals into our brand new marketing barn and it has become my favorite part of each day. The barn was built in the 1870’s and looking at it today, you would never know. The builders kept the original beams which adds character along with the barn doors. We are also working on redesigning a portion of the building across the way which is where the personalizations will be done with depositors when designing their new home.
The team is grateful for our new office space and I still keep Lindt chocolates on my desk to remind us of “our roots” (above the Lindt chocolate outlet in Stratham). It’s hard to believe we opened our doors last April. What an adventure it has been.

As the Marketing Coordinator, I do a lot of the planning, organizing, and tracking of the day-to-day tasks at RWD. After we started conversion appointments, I knew the team would need my positive energy and something to keep them going each week, besides their visitors, of course. Each week, I create a weekly treat for the team.

The first week I bought a box of munchkins and wrote a message on the box that read, “DONUT stress, you are doing a great job”. The second week I bought Tootsie Rolls and put them in a small baggie with a label that read, “You’re on a roll. Keep up the good work”. Week three was a long and exhausting one, so I had to get creative. I bought them all a pack of Reese’s and wrote a note on each one that read “Have I told you REESE-ently, how awesome you are?” It is a pleasant surprise for them to walk into their offices and see this to start off their busy day. The team is appreciative/thankful for my optimism and encouragement.

The interest in RiverWoods Durham continues to rise and I speak for the team when I say we are excited to meet new people. Many visitors will walk in just to hear what the “buzz” is around the renovated blue barn off of Route 108.

We are looking forward to the next phase through this exciting project. Construction is planned to begin summer 2018-stay tuned!

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