Managing Expectations

Have you ever written out a word so many times that it starts to look like it is spelled incorrectly? Well, this happened to me a few days ago at work. That day was spring cleaning day in our database. We went through and put in correct phone numbers, emails, addresses, and market segments for each and every prospect. This may have been the first task that has not been fun for me since starting to work at RiverWoods Durham. In every profession, there is bound to be one thing you don’t care for. It turns out repetitive data entry is my kryptonite! Once each person’s information was updated correctly, it was time to get to the fun part! Finally, we could focus on our Founder’s Club events. This is what it’s all about!

The first Founder’s Club only event took place at Abenaqui Country Club. We had two events in one day in order to accommodate for the vast number of attendees. This venue is beautiful, and somehow, we were able to squeeze 354 prospects inside! Unfortunately, due to the high number of people, we set up the chairs in an auditorium style, as opposed to the normal table style of our past luncheons. This made the event space seem enormous, and the pictures turned out great! Typical presenters would be nervous before speaking in front of a group this big; However, crowds do not phase Cathleen Toomey, our VP of Marketing.

The event went fairly smoothly. It was nice for prospects to be able listen to a different presentation than the one they’re used to. This one was far more specific to RiverWoods Durham itself, as opposed to CCRC’s in general. The prospects loved hearing the new information because it makes the long process of opening up a new CCRC seem much shorter. They had what seemed like hundreds of questions when the event was over, which really showed how interested our 585 Founder’s Club members are about the new community.

A big worry for this event was whether or not we would have enough parking spaces for every Founder’s Club member. The Country Club was nervous about our guests using parking spots because around 2 o’clock, typically a large wave of golfers comes in. Due to this concern, we rented a shuttle in case our guests needed to park next door at the church. The way we see it, it’s better to be safe than sorry! This still left some confusion for those prospects that did not know they would need to shuttle. Experiencing this firsthand, the entire RiverWoods Durham team now knows to always manage expectations, and communicate ahead of time to limit misunderstandings. Learning to manage expectations was certainly the biggest takeaway from these events.

On a separate note, social media has been going extremely well. I was in contact with Ben French who does the social media at RiverWoods Exeter. We came up with a great idea about targeted advertisements on Facebook. These allow not only to expand the reach to more Facebook users, but it allows for demographic and geographic segmentation to be used to insure we are only reaching those that would be interested in the first place. This lets us select the age range and location of those Facebook users that we want to be exposed to our advertisements, and spreads the word about our new community and our brand. He shared that they used this strategy at Exeter and it created quite the buzz on Facebook. In just three days since posting this targeted advertisement, our posts have reached 2,400 people. Before using this strategy, our ads were only reaching 100 people. The social media aspect of this internship has really shown me how much I enjoy reaching out to people over Facebook and Instagram. I can’t wait to see what my last few weeks at RiverWoods will teach me.

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