An Update from Mark

After being here for almost two months I have really started to understand how to succeed in my role here. I have also learned a lot about our project, the RiverWoods Group, and the benefits of CCRC’s. I have really enjoyed working with the marketing team here and because it is such a small team it has allowed me to be very involved and learn what everyone does.

In these past two months I have worked at a few different marking events, some for the public and some for the Charter Members or first wave of individuals moving in right as the building opens. It has been a great learning experience to watch different people give presentations and to see how their presenting styles differ. I have also been able to be much more involved in the behind the scenes work to put on these events. Some of my responsibilities for these events have been to pick up the flower arrangements and set them up, set up the projector screen, make sure we have all the nametags and information packets, and greet people while taking attendance when they arrive. I listened to some of the presenters practice presentations and given suggestions on how they could clarify some parts of the presentation and things they could improve.

My day to day responsibilities have also expanded over the past two months. Some of my recent responsibilities have been to make confirmation calls and prepare files for upcoming appointments, setting up the new office and showroom, and indulge on more detailed projects through Salesforce, our database. I have also been able to share my ideas on how some things could be improved. I will also spend the day shadowing the CFO of the RiverWoods Group in the next couple weeks which will be a good chance to see what he does in a typical day and I look forward to hopefully shadow a few more people during the rest of my time here.

Over the past two months I have learned a lot about what takes to succeed in a marketing position. I have learned a lot about this project and seen what has worked well and what didn’t work well and how changes were made to fix it. This Internship has allowed me to gain a lot of new skills that will definitely help me in my career.

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